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Viral: Controversial Miss Universe Contestants Body Paint Session

image Now, the conservative prudes are upset about some topless and bodypainting photos which feature Miss Universe 2010 contestants. Eff off will ya, there is nothing wrong with this photo shoot and no reason to create false hype over this. These women are beautiful and empowered.

I think Miss Trinidad and Tobago put it best.

"They exaggerated the curves of my body; it was in no way derogatory. It was an artistic expression. It expressed liberty, freedom, sexuality. That is what Miss Universe is all about."

The ‘Miss Universe’ competition began in 1952 and has always been known for promoting women who are strong, smart, independent, and respectable, a fact which has a former Miss Universe pageant organizer screaming “foul” at this year’s photo shoot, which featured the contestants completely topless, except for the body paint which glittered on their bodies…

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