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Idiocracy: FBI loses it’s mind, tells Wikipedia to remove it’s seal.

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation has threatened Wikipedia with legal action if the online encyclopedia doesn’t remove the FBI’s seal from its site. This may be the most ludicrous thing we have seen the government do. How stupid can the government be. They have opened themselves to ridicule from the likes of us.

Maybe the FBI got Wikipedia confused with WikiLeaks. But Wikipedia is so far under fair use that it is not even feasable that an organization made up of lawyers and those enforcing the law can be this stupid. Either way the FBI is made up of idiots, either they dont know the difference in Wikipedia and WikiLeaks, or they do not understand the law as it relates to fair use.

To find out which way they are stupid, we are posting the logo so you will know, if we get a cease and desist, we will post it here for all to see. If not, draw your own conclusions.

From Wikipedia:

image The Seal of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is the symbol of the FBI. It is used to represent the organization and to authenticate certain documents issued by the FBI. The phrase is used both for the physical seal itself, and more generally for the design impressed upon it.


Each color and symbol in the seal of the FBI portrays values of the FBI and the United States. The blue field and the golden scale represent justice. The infinite circle of thirteen stars represents unity and the original thirteen founding states of the United States. The laurel leaf represents academic honors, distinction and fame. The two branches depict 46 leaves representing the number of states in the U.S. when the FBI was founded in 1908. The colours of the red and white parallel stripes symbolize the values of the FBI and, reflecting the design of the Flag of the United States, the red bars outnumber the white by one. The red stripes symbolize courage, valour, and strength, while the white symbolizes light, cleanliness, and truth. The motto "Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity" – devised in 1935 by FBI Inspector W.H. Drane Lester and matching the initials of the Bureau itself[1] – describes the high moral standards and high level of motivation it expects from its men and women. The beveled edges around the seal convey the severe challenges that the FBI faces every day, and the ruggedness of the organization. The gold color represents the richness and history of the Bureau’s mission.[2]more on Wikipedia