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Tech News Today

BP promises to stop altering images

BP posted images to its site to show its response to the Gulf oil spill. It turns out the images were doctored. One image was altered to show more activity in a command center. The other image made a stationery helicopter appear to fly.

Girl reports attempted rape using Facebook

A 12-year-old girl used Facebook to report an attempted rape. The attacker had taken away her phone. But the girl used an iPod to access Facebook. She was able to get a message to her mother. Her mother called the police

Does Microsoft have a secret weapon for Windows Phone 7?

Microsoft got a lot of attention yesterday for its Oprah-style announcement that every employee will get a new Windows Phone this fall

Critical Safari privacy flaw revealed

Security researches have revealed a critical privacy flaw in Safari. Hackers can exploit Safari’s form auto-fill function using malicious Web code. This makes it easy to steal personal information

iPad app could revolutionize magazines

The free iPad app Flipboard was released this week. It pulls links from the user’s Facebook and Twitter friends. The linked pages are rendered in magazine format. The content constantly changes as new links are added

Earning extra money from home

Money is tight for most people right now. Making a few extra bucks sounds tempting. So, how can you make extra money from home without getting scammed?

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