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Fun Links for Monday

Innocent Or Not, Columbus Residents are Paying For Red Light Tickets
According to Columbus policy, a driver has to pay $95 to have a hearing.  If the driver does not pay, he or she loses.  If he or she pays late, the payment rises to $120 and the driver could wind up at collections. If they are found innocent, they get their money back in 3 or 4 months. Your tax dollars at work.

Johnny Rockets Hates Boobies. By natural extension we hate Johnny Rockets
Public breastfeeding is completely legal in Kentucky, but don’t try telling that to the manager of the Johnny Rockets in Newport, where a nursing mother was given the boot for refusing to stop feeding her child when directed to do so by the manager

Another Baseball Fan Gets Tased
Tasers at the ball game….it’s as American as apple pie

One Last Set of Hot Lindsey Lohan Pictures
Just so we can all remember what she looks like before she gets her extreme prison makeover starting tomorrow.

Rednecks Blow Up a Pool
Way to much free time on their hands. See what happens when people need jobs?