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Bing Beckons Google News Haters
Google is getting a lot of vitriolic backlash from users over its June 30 revamp of Google News. Many users of the Google Web service are angry that some customization features were disposed of, and some are turning to Microsoft’s Bing News or Yahoo News to tailor the news they’re seeing to their interest

Microsoft keeps eye on Bing’s growth chart

Even if it isn’t aiming for a profit from the search unit this year, Redmond is looking for Bing to make more than baby steps in its second year.

Mom starts matchmaking Website for son

Geri Brin wants to help her single son find a wife. So she started a matchmaking Website. Mothers can post details about single relatives. And they can find information about singles in their area. For those who just must meddle.

Facebook comes to Outlook

Microsoft has unveiled support for Facebook in Outlook. It can be added with Outlook’s Social Connector extension. Information about e-mail contacts will be pulled from Facebook. This includes pictures and status updates

Facebook’s competitive advantage

All Things Digital’s Kara Swisher talks to David Kirkpatrick, author of "The Facebook Effect," about why the company is now the No. 1 social network.