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Tech News Today

Windows XP gets yet another reprieve from Microsoft

On the eve of Microsoft pulling the plug on support for Windows XP Service Pack (SP) 2, company officials announced they are extending downgrade rights for Windows XP

Microsoft to offer free ‘Find My Phone’ service for Windows Phone 7

Microsoft is going to offer a free "Find My Phone" feature for Windows Phone 7 devices that will help users find missing phones with maps, ring tones, lock and erase capabilities

Hacker Creates Plugin That Trashes Chrome’s Security

Reported by The Next Web, a developer created a plugin for the Google Chrome browser that can watch users’ login information and send that information to him via email. The programmer who created the attack, Andreas Grech, coded the plugin in jQuery. Grech is only demonstrating the attack and isn’t using it maliciously but it is more than a proof of concept, it’s real and in the wild. He details the attack on his blog and reveals the code behind the exploit

iPhone lawsuits gets class action status

Several long-term Apple antitrust lawsuits have been granted class action status. These have existed since 2007. They allege that Apple and AT&T’s exclusivity contract is anti-competitive. They also claim that Apple unfairly restricts its phone software

Consumer Reports verifies iPhone flaw

Consumer Reports has tested claims of reception issues with the iPhone 4. Its controlled tests confirm that a serious design flaw does exist. Consumer Reports says it cannot recommend the iPhone 4 to consumers for now

Google launches app creation software

Google has released a free program for building Android apps. It is called Google App Inventor for Android. This is geared especially towards non-programmers, including school children. It features a simple drag-and-drop interface