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Wednesday Links


MSNBC Tells You How to Hide Your Porn
Finally, news we need.

Bad Angel – Wallpaper of the Day
I think this Angel has a little of the devil in her

City Suing Arizona Over Immigration Law
Go Tucson!

53 hours, 20 minutes. That’s how long it takes a pissed-off FBI to find your ass
Go FBI!….

Swat Team Storms Home and Kills Dogs to Serve Pot Warrant
Then again, fuck the police. Thanks for all the “protection” A? suburban guy with 1 pipe and a small amount of marijuana does not warrant a SWAT team. It shouldn’t be illegal anyways, but this is ridiculous. There was more of a military type response to this pot smoker than there was to a terrorist.  I would venture to say that the 7 year-old child is going to remember this for a LONG time.

Today’s Freebie – Libby’s Vegetables
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