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Time to change: The ‘Brady Bunch’ bathroom finally gets a toilet after 50 years

By Michael “Even in 1969, it was a running joke with all of us — that there’s no freakin’ toilet!” Mike Lookinland, who played youngest son Bobby Brady, laughingly tells Yahoo Entertainment. “At the time, the idea was that it was just sort of tacky to be showing toilets on TV,” adds Eve “Jan Brady” […]

The Silliest Moment in Lifetime’s College Admissions Scandal Movie Trailer Is Not Made Up

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AP Top Entertainment News at 1:00 am EDT – ABC 36 News

By Michael Would you be mine? Hanks unveils his Mr. Rogers at festival Dark ‘Joker’ wins top Venice Film Festival prize Jordan, Foxx debut injustice drama ‘Just Mercy’ at film fest Janelle Monae rocked Ralph Lauren’s jazz club of yesteryear Siriano brings art to the runway in glittery pop-art party Desperate for leniency: Macy, Longoria […]

Southern Park Mall announces new entertainment and athletic venue

By Michael “In honor of the entire DeBartolo York family, the DeBartolo Commons will be a place where people can hang out. We are working with Boardman Township about this being a hub for youth sports. We hope to have a great concert series. Whether it’s coffee, craft brewery, if it’s the best, we are […]

Chris Harrison’s Girlfriend Lauren Zima Promoted to Correspondent at Entertainment Tonight

By Michael Broadcast journalist Lauren Zima has landed a big promotion — and her boyfriend Chris Harrison couldn’t be more supportive! The longtime contributor for ETOnline, who is dating the Bachelor host, has been promoted to a full-time senior correspondent at Entertainment Tonight. “I’m so excited for this next step,” Zima tells PEOPLE. “My job […]

Valerie Harper Laid to Rest In Intimate Funeral In Los Angeles

By Michael Valerie Harper has been laid to rest. ET has learned that a funeral service was held Saturday in Los Angeles for the late actress. The service took place from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Among the attendees was director James L. Brooks and actors Elliott Gould, Frances Fisher, Connie […]

‘Just Mercy’ Star, Michael B. Jordan on the Importance of Movies Showing Not Just Slavery but Activism

By Michael Many fans are used to seeing Michael B. Jordan as an action star with movies like Creed and Black Panther. His upcoming movie shows him in a very different role. Just Mercy has Jordan playing a real attorney, who helps change the prison system in terms of death row sentences. Showbiz Cheat Sheet […]

NYCC Funko POP Reveal Train – Second Stop – Television

By Michael NYCC is only a couple weeks away and Funko has released all of their NYCC Funko POP Exclusives. Movie and Funko Originals have been already covered, this one is too cover all of the Television Funko Pop releases. This wave does include some amazing fan favorites that people will love to get their […]

Giants at Cowboys: Time, television, radio and streaming schedule

By Michael The New York Giants will square off against the Dallas Cowboys at ATT Stadium on Sunday afternoon in the first regular season game of 2019 for both teams. For information on how to watch or listen to the game, as well as an injury list, read on: New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys […]

See J.S. Ondara Tell ‘Tales of America’ in U.S. Television Debut

By Michael Rising folk artist J.S. Ondara made his U.S. television debut for CBS This Morning‘s Saturday Sessions, where the Kenyan-born singer-songwriter delivered three tracks off his recent album Tales of America. For the performance of “Lebanon,” “Saying Goodbye” and “Torch Song,” Ondara – one of Rolling Stone’s Artists You Need to Know –was backed […]