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How SpottedRisk and TigerRisk Tamed ‘Live Cat’ COVID Event for Entertainment Insureds

In the early months of the pandemic last year, brokers just couldn’t place insurance for the entertainment industry. In late February 2020, underwriters began excluding communicable disease from all of the underlying production insurance policies. No insurer wanted to touch the risk.

In stepped SpottedRisk, the Boston-based managing general agent, which saw an opportunity in the midst of this major market disruption to offer pandemic cover for film production companies.

“In the wake of a catastrophe or amidst changing market dynamics, the insurance industry will often just recede and exclude coverage, or limit the coverage and dramatically increase rates,” said Janet Comenos, co-founder and chief executive officer of SpottedRisk, in an interview with Insurance Journal.

One big attraction for capacity providers is that the policy has a short duration, said TigerRisk CEO Rod Fox. “It could be 30 days, or it could be 60 days – but it’s still short

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