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The 25 Saddest Movies on Netflix, Because Feelings Are Good

How we define a “sad movie” is often how former United States Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart once defined obscenity in film, i.e., hardcore pornography: we know it when we see it. Still, we think we could do a bit better than intuition. For the sake of consistency, we might say that a sad movie is one that creates a particular mood.

But that mood must be deeper than mere depression. Sad movies can’t just be those films that are relentlessly dark—films that depict suffering just for the hell of it, what we might label “poverty porn,” “war porn,” and overall “suffering porn.” (Shoutout to the Book of Job for this trend.)

Neither are sad movies (only) movies that make you cry. Take Up. The Pixar film has one of the saddest opening sequences of any movie,

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