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ATX Television Festival Expands Season 10 Dates

ATX Television Festival is hitting a very special anniversary this year with their 10th Season and they are going big! Usually a 4 day event taking place in Austin, Texas, this year the event will be virtual due to COVID restrictions and span a full 10 days from June 11-20.

The 10 day event will celebrate the world of television with VOD programming, panels, screenings, roundtables, and more. The latest update from ATX TV Fest reads:

Programming will include daily VOD releases, but our focus is on appointment viewing and interactive events for you, our dear TV Campers, to engage with each other at specific times. We want y’all to be able to experience the Festival together, just as you would in Austin! And of course, we’ll be suggesting all the food and drink pairings so you can eat, watch, and cheers along with your friends – even if

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