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At least Biden supporters have plenty of lame entertainment content

It’s been a tough week for Joe Biden supporters.

Leading up to November, they were promised decency, transparency and stimulus checks. So far they have received higher gas prices, no solo press conferences and a lethal air strike in Syria.

But there are some people who despise former President Donald Trump so irrationally that they would never admit they made the wrong choice.

You know these people. In 2018, they posted instagrams decrying Trump for putting kids in cages. But they’re a lot less vocal about Biden putting “children in migrant facilities” (a.k.a. shipping containers).

Despite the large Trump Derangement Syndrome faction of Biden voters, I do suspect that there are people — suburban women, for example — who are realizing they made the wrong choice.

To those Americans suffering buyers’ remorse, I have two great pieces of news for you.

One, you no longer have to

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