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Adult entertainment industry protests COVID-19 restrictions

Owners of adult entertainment establishments in Baltimore are protesting COVID-19 restrictions that mandate the continued closure of their businesses.

The owners pointed to the mayor’s order that took effect Monday, saying their businesses were not permitted to open while others were.

“This is a deeply unfair move, in our view,” an unnamed spokesperson for adult entertainment business owners in Baltimore said in a statement released by the industry. “We’re being selectively targeted to stay closed. If you can open a gym or put on a stage show, you can have a gentleman’s club open. There’s some other agenda at work here, and it’s very insensitive to the not inconsequential number of people who make their livings through the adult entertainment industry.”

The statement pointed to the workers, in addition to the entertainers, who depend on the industry to survive, including cooks, bartenders, janitors, security guards and

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