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Another 10 Movies Starring Chester County, PA

Seeing a place you know in a movie is always exciting, and Chester County, PA shows up in a bunch of movies. In fact, we already wrote an article about our top ten picks. Guess what? We found ten more! Check out another ten movies with Chester County, PA as a backdrop.

10. Sickness (2017)

Another horror movie in Chester County! An interesting concept, Sickness revolves around a group of strangers who are left with their sanity while the rest of the world goes “insane” due to a mysterious illness. Ten years after I Am Legend, similar story, but not nearly as well done. An indie film that was filmed in numerous areas of PA, particularly West Chester.

9. That Night (1992)

One of the movies that was mentioned in the comments of our first list, That Night stars Juliette Lewis, C. Thomas Howell, and a very young Eliza Dushku as well as a very

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