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Barbara Shelley, England’s leading lady of horror movies, dies at 88.

Ms. Shelley, the elegant queen of camp in British horror films for a decade, died on Jan. 4 in London. She was 88.

Her agent, Thomas Bowington, said in a statement that she had spent two weeks in December in a hospital, where she contracted Covid-19. It was successfully treated, but after going home she died of what he described as “underlying issues.”

Barbara Teresa Kowin was born on Feb. 13, 1932, in Harrow, England, now a part of Greater London. In 1955, she enjoyed a vacation in Italy so much that she stayed two years and made films there. When Italians had trouble pronouncing Kowin, she renamed herself Shelley.

Making “Cat Girl” back home in England led to her calling as a leading lady of horror. Most of her

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