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Outside the Wire’s Anthony Mackie wants Marvel-style franchise

Anthony Mackie has suggested ‘Outside the Wire’ could be a big movie franchise like the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The 42-year-old actor – who played Falcon in the ‘Avengers’ films and will reprise the role in ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ Disney+ series – admitted he wants his latest action blockbuster to follow a similar path by delving deeper into his android military officer character Leo.

He told Forbes: “The whole idea was for this to be a franchise. He’s such a cool character, and it’s such a fascinating world, especially with it being in the not so distant future.

“You can have many different spin-offs and ideas that come along with this with both lead characters.

“I equate Leo, my character, very much to the Winter Soldier in ‘Captain America’. Every time there’s a situation, they spin him back up to handle the crime or the situation.