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Brees on contract talks: ‘Extremely frustrating’

Drew Brees continues to be bold in expressing his emotions regarding the slow pace of contract negotiations with the Saints.

Brees’ contract expired at the end of the 2011 season. He’s the Saints exclusive franchise player, meaning he cannot negotiate with other teams, but has not signed the one-year, $16.3 million tender and doesn’t plan to any time soon.

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“I’m not even going to think about that at this point,” he said Thursday in a radio appearance on WWL in New Orleans.

Brees and the Saints have been discussing a new contract on and off since 2010. When the lockout ended in July as Peyton Manning signed a five-year, $90 million deal with the Colts, Brees raised his expectations and the Saints seemed to tap the brakes.

Communication has been poor, which is the biggest rub for Brees at the moment. The short-term ramifications are that offseason activities will begin Tuesday without Brees.

“I would say more than anything, I guess, what’s been a little frustrating on my end or disappointing is the lack of communication,” said Brees. “There’s always a back and forth when it comes to these negotiations. But I know we’ve reached out on quite a few occasions. And at times, I know I’ve been frustrated with the lack of response. … I would just say there should be a sense of urgency and yet it seems like there’s not.”

Brees is represented by Tom Condon, who also negotiated the Manning deal with the Colts and Manning’s latest contract — the richest in NFL history at an average of $19.2 million per season — with the Broncos.

“Well, I think there’s certainly what I think would be an appropriate number for my situation. It’s not anything I think is unreasonable or anything like that,” Brees said.


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