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Tech News Today

Samsung sells 600,000 tablets
Samsung has sold more than 600,000 units of its Galaxy Tab. The Android-based tablet was released a month ago. This figure supports claims that the Galaxy Tab can be a serious competitor to the iPad

Cracking Open the Samsung Galaxy Tab (Sprint)
The Sprint version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab went on sale in the US on November 14. It’s priced at $399 (US) with a 2-year contract. Here’s a look inside Samsung’s iPad competitor

Hands On with Acer’s New Android Tablet
We got some hands-on time with Acer’s upcoming tablet yesterday. The product won’t ship until April of next year—or whenever Google finishes the Gingerbread version of its Android OS. It doesn’t have an official name yet, but if you want to find out what makes it different from the slew of other Android tablets hitting market, check-out Lance’s hands on story and the video that goes with it.

Facebook traffic rises 60 percent
Internet traffic to Facebook has increased 60 percent from last year. The social giant accounts for nearly a quarter of Internet page views.

Google Docs makes plug-in for Microsoft Office
Google Docs has introduced a new plug-in for Microsoft Office 2013. The plug-in gives users an easier way to sync documents online. Google Cloud Connect works with Office 2003 and later. It automatically saves documents to Google Docs

Previewing Microsoft’s Office 365
CNET takes a quick preview at Microsoft’s Office 365 to see what’s under the hood. The hosted platform is slated to launch sometime next year

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