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TV Bites – Let’s Play

It's summer and we all know what that means in TV Land: reality programming. This year, however, along with the usual witless reality fare (Bachelorette, American Ninja Warrior, Big Brother, … [Read More...]

Kara Del Toro is famous for…

Well, to be honest we really do not know why she is famous except she looks really good eating a cheeseburger. Just enjoy the visuals. She looks really good eating donuts too. What is it with … [Read More...]

The Eighteenth Annual BiteMes

Neena is back at it again with the 18th Annual BiteMes. Forget the Emmy awards and the Oskers, Neena has the real awards.  Check out her awards for the best and worst of television and for the … [Read More...]


Kara Del Toro is famous for…

Well, to be honest we really do not know why she is famous except she looks really good eating a cheeseburger. Just enjoy the visuals. She looks really good eating donuts too. What is it with Kara and food? She is also showing up at basically every hollywood premiere dressed to kill…      Enjoy […]

Kate Upton continues to win our hearts and graces SI swimsuit cover for the 3rd time.

She’s back. Our favorite model has won the swimsuit cover for the third time and looks better than ever. With SI showcasing ladies of all types we cannot think of a better representative than Kate. She may not be the typical “model” but that is what makes her so fantastic, her looks, body, and personality […]

Hottie of the week Malena Morgan

Malena Morgan was born on June 23, 1991 in Florida. Morgan grew up in the Midwest coast of Florida. Her first job was working as a hostess at the restaurant Cracker Barrel. Malena attended modeling school at age thirteen and graduated from high school in 2008. Check out some of the fantastic photos and videos […]


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Is Hollywood’s next scandal the alleged pedophilia ring that Corey Feldman has long talked about?

By Michael One of the most painful truths revealed by the Harvey Weinstein scandal is that Hollywood was filled with alleged victims, of both Weinstein and of other powerful men, who didn’t come forward because they didn’t think they would be believed by other people in power. Related Articles Corey Haim rape claims: A-list superstar […]

Supernatural stars pick the phrases they’ve said the most on the show

By Michael To read more on Supernatural, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands Friday. You can buy the whole set now, or purchase the individual covers of the group shot, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, or Misha Collins. Don’t forget to subscribe for more exclusive interviews and photos, only in EW. Because […]

Red Arrow Entertainment Regroups Scandinavian Production Into …

By Michael Red Arrow Entertainment Group is set to regroup its Scandinavian production activities into Snowman Productions Denmark. Snowman Productions Denmark, which has been part of Red Arrow since 2011, produces entertainment and social experiment formats which have proved successful in their home market and around the world. As part of the reshuffle, Snowman’s Norwegian […]

Too Little, Too Late – Goldman Sachs Lowers Rating On This Entertainment Company

By Michael Goldman Sachs (GS) has put Cedar Fair LP (FUN) on its conviction buy list twice in the past two years. The first time was in January of 2016 when the units were trading in the low $50’s and Goldman set a target price of $69. Cedar Fair had a good year in 2016, […]

Geostorm is a bad movie: EW review

By Michael What if Armageddon but weather? That seems to be at least one of the half-baked pitches that led to Geostorm, a disastrous disaster movie that is actually quite low on the disasters to its own detriment. Geostorm doesn’t open with Charlton Heston intoning, “This is the Earth.” But it’s close! Here, as fake […]


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‘Disappointed’ Dusty Baker won’t return as Nationals manager – ESPN

‘Disappointed’ Dusty Baker won’t return as Nationals managerESPNDusty Baker will not return to the Washington Nationals in 2018, the team announced Friday, a move that has “surprised and disappointed” the longtime manager. “I really thought this was my best year,” Baker told USA Today Sports. “We won at least 95 …Dusty Baker, dismissed as Nationals […]

Adding Ron Gardenhire a good move for Detroit Tigers going forward – USA TODAY

Adding Ron Gardenhire a good move for Detroit Tigers going forwardUSA TODAYIn an aggressive move to land the most accomplished name on the managerial market, Detroit Tigers general manager Al Avila has secured his captain for what will be a murky future. Wisely, it is a man with a wealth of experience. Ron Gardenhire, who […]

Five takeaways from the Lakers’ 108-92 loss to the Clippers – Los Angeles Times

Five takeaways from the Lakers’ 108-92 loss to the ClippersLos Angeles TimesBy the time the Lakers finished their 2016-17 campaign 26-56, their season-opening win over the Houston Rockets was a distant memory. They won more games than they should have early in the season, lost sight of some of their goals and then tumbled …LaVar […]

OKC’s “Big 3” debuts in victory over Knicks –

OKC’s “Big 3” debuts in victory over KnicksFOXSports.comOKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Much has changed about the Thunder. One thing hasn’t — Russell Westbrook still gets triple-doubles. The reigning MVP had 21 points, 16 assists and 10 rebounds, and Oklahoma City beat the New York Knicks 105-84 on Thursday …Westbrook To Adams For The OopNBA.comThese two […]

UFC Fight Night 118 staff picks: How many take unbeaten Darren Till to upset ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone? –

UFC Fight Night 118 staff picks: How many take unbeaten Darren Till to upset ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone?MMAjunkie.comThe UFC returns to Poland this week with a fun welterweight scdrap in the main event. UFC Fight Night 118 takes place Saturday at Ergo Arena in Gdansk, Poland, and the entire card streams on UFC Fight Pass. (Click here […]


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We will not forget

Another attack from extremists and our resolve only gets stronger. Eventually we are just going to have to kill them all. You cannot reason with insanity. Our hearts are with you today France. Aujourd’hui, nous sommes tous Français “I am not afraid of retaliation. I have no kids, no wife, no car, no mortgage. It […]

Why are the police in America now a full military unit?

It’s hard to fathom, but police departments across the country are now full blown military units with tanks and armor. Why? Is it because we cant get them to stop shooting unarmed people and they know that eventually we are going to have no choice but to rise up against them? What do they know […]

The end of the Republican Party

October 1st 2013 is going to go down in history as the end of the Republican party that we used to know. It has now been officially replaced by the Tea Party or at least all the power is held by that minority within a minority. How in the heck did this happen? A strange […]

Random Thoughts: What century is America living in?

I used to think that America was a progressive country. The visceral reaction to President Obama finally coming out in support of gay marriage has me wondering though. What year is this anyway, 1912 or 2012? If you want to get depressed go take a look at news sites comment sections and watch your neighbors […]

Gulf of Mexico to be renamed Gulf of America

Sounds far fetched doesn’t it. Not so far fetched as there is now a satirical bill pending in Mississippi to do just that. Representative Stephen Holland introduced a bill to rename the Gulf of Mexico to Gulf of America.   It seems that so many Republicans in Mississippi want to eliminate all things Mexican that […]

Idiocracy: The MPAA, RIAA, Supervillains, Homeland Security, and the law. Where are we headed?

It’s a strange world we internet denizens are living in today, one in which it is perfectly legal for Chris Dodd to threaten to end the bribes to politicians if they do not act as he and the MPAA wish. Dodd actually appeared on Fox News to warn Obama and senators that if they did […]

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